New Country Organics Lespedeza Pellets

New Country Organics Lespedeza Pellets

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Perennial Legume That Supports Animal Health - Particularly in Goats and Sheep.

Consider adding Sericea Lespedeza to your nutrition program! Studies have shown that Lespedeza is particularly useful for management of internal parasites, specifically Haemonchus contortus, otherwise known as Barber Pole Worm. The high tannins in the legume are thought to control parasite levels by creating an unfavorable environment in the rumen that hurts parasite productivity and fertility. Tannins are also linked to improved digestion of proteins, thereby enhancing nutrition and boosting the immune system, all of which aid in increasing the animal’s resistance to parasites. Many of our customers have had great success with this natural parasite control combined with strong management practices. Goats love it!

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