Korsteel Fulmer Snaffle Full Cheek

Korsteel Fulmer Snaffle Full Cheek

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We love the Korsteel Fulmer Snaffle because it provides the soft feel of a loose ring snaffle with the benefits of a full cheek. The loose ring gives you a finer feel and softer contact which helps to soften the horse's mouth. This is an excellent bit for starting young horses or for reschooling.

Long cheeks prevent bit from being pulled through the mouth, rounded edges protect the corners of the mouth. This bit offers both the flexibility of the loose ring, with the lateral control offered by the full cheeks. Good choice for horses with a soft mouth that need the lateral support for steering aids.

  • Very similar to a full cheek snaffle, the narrow arms which project above and below the rings prevent the mouthpiece from sliding in the horses mouth and emphasize the turning aid.
  • The loose rings discourage fixing and leaning on the forehand.
  • Used with bit keepers, the full cheek keeps the bit very stable in the horse's mouth. 
  • The single joint applies a nut cracker action which applies pressure to the tongue, the bars of the mouth and the horse's palate.

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